Career in CIMB Group

Career in CIMB Group

Jobs at CIMB Group

Our accelerated expansion in recent years has transformed us into a universal bank with a global network. If you aspire to be part of a highly regarded organisation, where prospects are boundless, CIMB is the perfect partner to realise your dreams. CIMB is a fast growing universal bank, offering you a wide range of career opportunities.. 

Temuduga Terbuka
1. SL1M IT Project Assistant & Support
2. SL1M Credit Processor (Auto Finance)
3. Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia
4. SL1M Negotiator

Graduan Ijazah dari Pelbagai bidang.

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Closing date :Rujuk maklumat di pautan  atas (Mac 2017)

CIMB Group Overview

Being a regional universal bank, the opportunities for you at CIMB are endless. The playing field is big enough for everyone and the spread of products and services will fulfill your knowledge appetite. While the demands on you can be high, our multi-award-winning organisation offers you prospects for a truly rewarding career where you can derive satisfaction from working alongside bright and supportive people on challenging and innovative assignments..

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Career in CIMB Group