Career in Yayasan Islam Terengganu (YIT)

Career in Yayasan Islam Terengganu (YIT)

Jobs at Yayasan Islam Terengganu (YIT)

Yayasan Islam Terengganu (YIT) invite resourceful, dedicated and dynamic individuals to be part of our team for the following positions. Click the link below for more information about the vacancies and kindly apply before the the closing date of the application.

1. Pegawai Hal Ehwal Islam Gred S41
2. Guru Sandaran Gred DC41
3. Penolong Akauntan Gred W29
4. Penolong Pegawai Hal Ehwal Islam Gred S29
5. Penolong Pegawai Tadbir Gred N29
6. Pembantu Khas/ Pembantu Setiausaha Pejabat Gred N19
7. Pembantu Hal Ehwal Islam Gred S19

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Closing on : 28 Feb 2017

YIT Overview

History Yayasan Islam Terengganu (YIT) started from the resolution of the Seminar Alim Ulama Negeri Terengganu which was held on August 3, 1973. One of the important conclusions adopted at the end of the seminar, which reads: “The State shall as soon establish an Islamic Foundation which will running errands on propagation, research in and outside. The Foundation shall work closely with the Department of Religious Affairs Terengganu (JHEAT)..

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Career in Yayasan Islam Terengganu (YIT)